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Token Authentication Ring Wins XCellence Award for Next Generation MFA Security that Stops Ransomware

By Token  |  2 minute read

ROCHESTER, N.Y. - November 2, 2022 - Token, a revolutionary provider of secure, wearable authentication solutions, today announced that its biometric smart ring for authentication was awarded Best of Show at The Channel Company’s XCellence Security on October 26th.

xcellence-awardIn a presentation of its solution alongside numerous security technology vendors, Token was judged the best by cybersecurity resellers. The group chose Token because of its “unhackable” multifactor authentication (MFA) that stops ransomware while enhancing end-user convenience. The Token wearable biometric smart ring easily integrates with all IAM solutions to provide near-instant protection with minimal implementation effort.

“We are beyond stoked that our smart ring has already won three significant awards, the latest from The Channel Company, even though we are just starting production,” said Token CEO, John Gunn. “Organizations of all types are being victimized by ransomware making it the number one concern of CISOs everywhere. Current MFA solutions are simply not effective and we have a fix that provides complete protection.”

“We all know the password is dead and Token’s appearance at NexGen 2022 brought the future of biometric authentication to our fingers,” said Fort Point IT CEO, Travis Woods. “It’s about making advanced authentication easier for the user and the Token ring is a beautiful marriage of biometric authentication applied to security”

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About Token

In a world of stolen identities and compromised user credentials, Token is changing the way our customers secure their organizations by providing passwordless, biometric, multifactor authentication. We deliver the next generation of multifactor authentication that is invulnerable to social engineering, malware, and tampering for organizations where breaches, data loss, and ransomware must be prevented.