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Join Token’s Inner Circle Partner Program. We’re forging Technology and Sales partnerships to protect customers from the number one threat today. 

Token is on a mission to protect organizations from phishing and ransomware attacks with next-generation MFA.

Our wearable, biometric authentication technology provides security that stops the most sophisticated attacks.

Tech Partnerships

Technology Partnerships

Integrate our wearable biometric authenticator with your technology solution to create an even stronger security offering. We’re seeking technology partners to complement the Token Ring and extend its value.

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Sales Partnerships

Bring Token Ring MFA to your market as a value-added reseller. We welcome Sales Partnerships that can help expand the reach of Token Ring and better combat ransomware threats.

Why Partner with Token?

Offer your customers an award-winning solution
Expand your customer base
Tap into upsell opportunities
Boost revenues and profits
Strengthen your solution portfolio
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Next-Generation MFA is the Future of Cybersecurity and Your Success

Token’s smart ring is the next-generation of MFA and the only solution that provides phishing-resistant cybersecurity. Password-based security cannot make this promise, and neither can traditional MFA as current headlines attest.

Join the wearable MFA revolution with Token’s Inner Circle so we can all enjoy collective success in the modern-day security landscape.