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Prioritize Your 2024 Cybersecurity To-Do List: Strategies and Insights for the Year Ahead

By John Gunn, CEO, Token  |  3 minute read

Webcast Recording


As we step into 2024, the cybersecurity landscape presents new challenges and evolving threats. In a recent webcast with Wolfgang Goerlich, Advisory CISO at Cisco, we delved into the crucial task of prioritizing cybersecurity initiatives for the year. This conversation highlighted the need for strategic planning in AI integration, combating phishing, navigating regulatory changes, and securing adequate budgets. 

Strategic AI Integration in Cybersecurity 

The adoption of AI in cybersecurity has become a strategic necessity in 2024. However, with great power comes great responsibility. Generative AI, while a significant asset in threat detection, also poses risks as it is already being leveraged by cybercriminals. Our priority should be to deploy AI judiciously, balancing innovation with ethical considerations, and safeguarding against its misuse. 

Addressing the Phishing Epidemic 

Phishing remains a formidable threat, necessitating its placement at the top of our cybersecurity to-do list. The sophistication of phishing attacks, fueled by AI, calls for advanced detection methods and continuous education. Prioritizing phishing resistant next-generation authentication methods and AI-enhanced defensive mechanisms is critical to thwart these attacks. 

Compliance with SEC Regulations 

2024 brings new challenges in compliance with the SEC's heightened focus on cybersecurity disclosures. This year, publicly traded organizations must align their cybersecurity strategies with these regulatory requirements, ensuring transparency and prompt reporting of cyber incidents. This necessitates a detailed documentation of cybersecurity policies and incident response strategies. 

Securing Budgets for Cybersecurity Initiatives 

With escalating threats and technological advancements, securing adequate budgets is a top priority. Cybersecurity leaders must convincingly link budget requests to business resilience, regulatory compliance, and the avoidance of potential losses. Articulating the ROI on security investments is crucial for acquiring the necessary funds to protect organizational assets. 


As you prioritize your cybersecurity to-do list for 2024, our focus should be on leveraging AI, enhancing defenses against phishing, adapting to regulatory demands, and securing necessary funding. These priorities, rooted in strategic planning and foresight, will form the cornerstone of our cybersecurity efforts in the coming year, enabling us to navigate the challenges and seize opportunities in the digital landscape.