Secure Your Data with Phishing-Resistant MFA

How Next-Generation MFA Delivers Stronger, Simpler Access Control

Multifactor authentication (MFA) is essentially broken. Shrewd and technically savvy cybercriminals have devised strategies to circumvent legacy MFA solutions resulting in a sharp rise in ransomware and phishing attacks. 96% of organizations fell victim to a ransomware attack last year and phishing attacks account for 90% of Ransomware.

There is a need for a truly secure MFA solution, especially for high level users accessing sensitive information. In this white paper, we explore the waning effectiveness of existing MFA solutions and discuss how the next generation MFA available from the Token Ring solves for the weaknesses of its predecessors.

Download this white paper to learn about:

  • Overview of data breach statistics and MFA shortcomings
  • The real-world MFA failures at some of biggest brands in the world
  • How wearable MFA offers the ultimate protection for access control
  • Achieving next generation MFA protection
Secure your data with phishing resistant MFA--Token_lowres