Ransomware Onslaught: Is Your Business Staying Ahead of the Threat?

On-Demand Webinar

With projections of ChatGPT making phishing attacks almost impossible to identify, the question remains: Is your team ready? 

Join this expert-led CPE on-demand webinar to navigate the shifting ransomware threats. Learn to: 

  • Understand evolving cybercriminal strategies, including advanced tactics like double extortion and novel attacks on MFA. 
  • Develop a robust ransomware defense strategy, covering backup protocols, network compartmentalization, and workforce awareness. 
  • Gain insights from real-life ransomware incidents to bolster your digital resilience. 
  • Learn how next-generation MFA solutions can help you eliminate human vulnerabilities. 
Token-ITC GRC Forum Webinar


Don't miss out on this opportunity to fortify your organization's defenses. Watch the recording now and stay a step ahead of cyber adversaries. 

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