5 Factor Authentication

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There’s no safer way to secure login credentials

We believe your daily flow shouldn’t suffer for the sake of security. Token eliminates the friction around proving who you are across digital systems, and gives you complete control over your credentials. Token’s seamless next-generation technology gives you continuous, unmatched security that works across all your points of entry.


Something you know

Your credentials are stored on Token Rings EAL5+ certified secure element to keep them safe and secure.

Something you have

The ring is always with you, so security is conveniently at-hand whenever you need it.

Something you are

Scan your fingerprint when you put Token on to activate it and unlock your credentials.

Somewhere you are

Token communicates to your devices using NFC within 4 inches proximity.

Something you do

Gesture detection avoids accidental interactions, ensuring you only authenticate when you mean to.
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One secure digital key that only you can use

The internet can be a place of incredible risk, which limits how comfortable we feel connecting more of our lives to the internet. Before it becomes even more of a status quo, we’re fixing the approach to consumer security. Securing the databases, servers, and networks that our accounts and digital lives exist on is critical but arguably, protecting the end-points (us!) is just as, if not more, important.

Zero Trust Solution

Token Ring is your key component in your zero trust strategy. You’re the only person your Token responds to, so no one can hack it. And because Token authenticates you automatically when you wear it, you never have to sign into your devices manually. Simple hand gestures replace the need to manually enter your passwords and PINs.
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One way to securely access everything

We've combined security and ease-of-use to give you the convenience you want with the peace of mind you need.